Central Bohemila | Ratměřice | hotel 4*


A fragrant summer afternoon full of sunshine in the magnificent castle park will lure you to spread the picnic blanket and open the picnic basket. A few glasses of sparkling wine and a basket full of goodies one of the wonderful ways to enjoy the afternoon at the chateau hotel in Ratměřice. Hotel is 50 min fare from Prague.




Chateau Hotel in Ratměřice offers luxury accommodation in 16 double rooms and 3 suites including a wedding suite.

Note the Exclusive Suite with Terrace. It is the largest hotel suite with a private terrace and private elevator exit. French windows invite us to sit on the terrace overlooking the fountain and the largest sequoia trees.



If you want to enjoy relaxation and pamper yourself, you can use the hotel wellness. You can relax in several types of saunas, a massage shower or a Jacuzzi.




For sports-minded guests, the hotel has a multifunctional playground where you can play tennis, football, volleyball, basketball or bandbinton



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Picnic basket full of goodies and beautiful park


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